Fleet Captain

I would like to introduce myself as the CCWBRA Southeast Region Fleet Captain. My name is Rick Loewen and I live in Ocoee (near Orlando) Florida.  My goal is to become a local contact among the members to help promote the building, racing, comradeship and HAVE FUN with the boats with others that do the same.

The class association has recently established Regional Fleet Captains to help meet some of the organization’s current goals:

  • Get new members and interested people involved in order to grow the organization
  • Get more boats by helping new and existing members build boats
  • Contact all of the existing member to find their status i.e. – building a racer, completed racer, no longer racing, etc.
  • Increase the number, size and quality of events throughout the regions
  • Find new racing locations and venues for local, regional and national events
  • Find publications, events and public exposure in order to reach potential new members

Being a new member myself, I am currently deep in the middle of my boat build right now and beginning to really appreciate the help and support of other members that are able and willing to help share their experience.

From reactions I get when people see my project, those numbers could easily be increasing when they see us race.  I hope to be able to pass on information and assistance to help establish local races, demonstrations, shows and practice meets in order to grow our experience. I ask that you also be thinking of local opportunities, locations and support to help foster such growth. I am also working on a build blog to document and help share my boat building experience.

Our region has been handed the moniker of “RumRunners” by the head Cocktail folks. We are the Florida and Georgia segment of the racing association. We currently have about 40 RumRunners throughout our territory. To give you an idea where we are located, check out this map: SouthEast RumRunners

I would like to hear from each of you, either email or phone.  Please send me a quick reply with a little bit of information about you, your boat, your experiences with building, etc. Otherwise, I may be giving you a call to become acquainted an update you status as a racer